Starters! @ Tangobar El Lunes

Every Monday @ Tangobar El Lunes _ 18:00>19:00h

The tango intrigues you, you have a passion for it, you would like to try it yourself: why not give it a try? Whether it’s a class or a dance class, if you enjoy a creative and social activity, it’s never too late to get started.
Tango is one of the few dances that is accessible to everyone indiscriminately. Don’t be afraid because every step is imaginable, just let the music and passion guide you. You will be guided by experienced and equally passionate teachers.

We teach simple, elegant, musical and playful ideas to be used on the social dance floor with floorcraft into consideration!

Our classes are appropriate for everyone from beginners to very advanced beginners. We try to give plenty of personal attention !
***The universe of tango needs your embrace!***

Contribution in the costs :

Beginners: (1 h)
12€ for a separate lesson.
50 € for 5 lessons (membership card*) valid 2 months.

Because some beginners are already ready to take the class at 19 h, we offer this challenge for a better price, if you do the 3 hrs you pay only 2 hrs.

Please be kind and register before you come at

****Feel free to share this invite with anyone who may be interested in the ‘real’ tango, tango rioplatense !