Tango Estilo Rioplatense en Bruselas!


 Learn Faster with Private Tango Lessons

  • You want to express yourself in the tango embrace.
  • You want personalised feedback.
  • You want to improve your posture or be more confident in social dancing.
  • You want to be coached by someone who is patient and truly cares about your learning process.
  • Whenever you are new to tango or want to learn more?

You want to go for it !!!

For singles or couples (2 hrs 70,- € for one person or one couple per lesson and includes the cost of the room).

On appointment: info@detangosetrata.com or 0473/ 50 34 05(Sandrina Dh)

Rue du Chien vert 11, first floor,
1080 bxl

Metro : Comte de flandres,
Tram : 51
Parking : 1, rue des houilliers 

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