3 Mondays : Workshop Milonga with Hernan Alvarez Prieto & Sandrina Dh @Tangobar El lunes

Hernan Alvarez Prieto is currently in Brussels!

He’s known for his vibrant energy on the dance floor, and he’s not just an exceptional milonga dancer; he also explains and teaches clearly. And now, he’s teaming up with me to offer a special series of three consecutive Monday courses on ‘Milonga’ at Tango Bar El Lunes!

3 Milonga Workshops:

Mastering Rhythm and Syncopation

Join us for an immersive journey into the heart of milonga! In these workshops, we’ll delve deep into the rhythm and syncopation that define this exhilarating dance form. Instead of just focusing on steps and sequences, we’ll uncover the secrets of mastering milonga’s unique rhythm and structure.

Together, we’ll explore how to navigate the intricate syncopations and pauses, discovering the perfect moments to execute each step with precision and flair. By understanding the rhythm on a deeper level, you’ll learn to dance milonga with grace, fluidity, and expressive freedom.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your milonga skills and unleash your creativity on the dance floor! Join us and experience the joy of dancing milonga like never before.

MILONGA Workshop

  • Monday, April 22nd: Basic rhythme
  • Monday April 29th: “Milonga Lisa”
  • Monday June 6th: “Milonga Traspie” 

18:00 hrs introduction to rhythm and steps for beginners 

19:20 hrs for more advanced dancers.

Tangobar el Lunes 

Dublinstreet 13

1050 Ixelles

A bit of history!

Milonga is an integral part of the cultural heritage of Argentina and Uruguay, particularly in the region of Río de la Plata. Emerging in the late 19th century, it became known for its vibrant rhythm and playful, syncopated steps. Originating in the urban neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, milonga was initially danced in informal street gatherings. Its roots can be traced back to the African influence brought by slaves and Afro-Argentine communities, as well as to the European immigrants who settled in the region.

Initially accompanied by guitars, drums, and simple instruments, milonga’s lively rhythm encouraged spontaneous expression and improvisation. Over time, it evolved into a structured dance form, blending elements of European ballroom dance and Argentine folklore. Milonga quickly gained popularity among working-class communities, offering a joyful escape and social interaction.

While tango eventually surpassed milonga in international recognition, milonga remains an essential part of the tango dance repertoire. It continues to be celebrated in milongas worldwide, preserving its rich history and cultural significance as the “mother” of tango.

Today, milonga thrives as a cherished tradition in the tango community, known for its infectious energy and playful spirit, captivating dancers and audiences alike.

Intensive workshop with Flavia Morari & Hernan Alvarez before the Gran Milonga Rio de la Plata !

Join us for an exciting workshop with Flavia Morari and Hernan Alvarez:
Tango for passionate milongueros.

In this workshop, we will explore essential Tango techniques to elevate your dance:

Fundamental techniques for a smoother and more enjoyable dance experience.
Focus on relaxation, breathing, and a comfortable embrace.
Navigate and dance gracefully in limited spaces on the dance floor: mastering couple dynamics and spatial awareness. 

Intensive workshops before the Gran Milonga Rio de la Plata !

 20/04 : WS : 14:00>16:00 hrs

  • Workshop €28 or member card of €120 for 5 workshops

  • Day pass Saturday €38 : milonga + workshop

  • Milonga €12 

Where?C.C. DeMarkten, Oude Graanmarkt 5, 1000 Brussels (place st Catherine), first floor ”spiegelzaal”

Inscriptions : info@detangosetrata.com or WhatsApp Sandrina Dh +32(0)473/ 503405

Registrations preferably with a partner, or if you’re attending alone, please mention whether you’ll be dancing as a leader or follower. We will strive to create a balanced and harmonious group.

We advise you to secure your place by making the payment through the following account: Bailongo vzw IBAN BE 87 7330 5872 0594

Details: Participation 20/04 with your name(s). Alternatively, you can pay on the spot. Please have the cash ready before the beginning of the workshop.
Please honour your commitment! Note that we accept cancellations only via email, up to 4 hours before the workshop.

Registration opens 15 minutes before the workshop, so please arrive on time.

and then we will all dance at the GRAN MILONGA del RIO de la PLATA from 16:00 till 22:30 h !!!
Tdj’s of the night Carolina la Limena + Hernan Alvarez !!!!!


Who are they? Flavia Morari and Hernán Alvarez Prieto!
Their itinerary from popular dance to professional Tango dancers.

South America united them: Flavia, from São Paulo, Brazil, and Hernán, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, were born in places where the culture of popular dance permeates the streets, the air, and the city atmosphere. Their paths crossed, leading them to this great connection reflected in their way of dancing and teaching tango. Hernán Alvarez Prieto, a passionate milonguero and DJ, has made a significant mark in the world of tango. He began his career in 1996, inspired by past masters such as Gerardo Portalea, Puppy Castello, and the Turco José Brahemcha. He distinguished himself as a DJ in renowned milongas since 1999, including iconic venues like Confitería Ideal, La Milonguita, Salón Canning, El Beso, among others. Over the years, Hernán has continued his quest for improvement and learning, collaborating with famous milonguero maestros such as Jorge Dispari and María del Carmen, Carlos and Rosa Pérez, Eduardo Pareja, Raúl Bravo, Nito and Elba García, among others. His skill and passion for tango have led him to accompany renowned milongueras and participate in demonstrations with renowned figures such as Natalia Hills, Stella Missé, and Inés Muzzopappa. In addition to his remarkable work as a DJ and dancer, Hernán has left his mark on numerous international tango festivals in cities such as Seoul, Chicago, Brussels, Antwerp, and Buenos Aires, notably the Buenos Aires Tango Festival and Championship on several occasions. His experience and expertise led him to be part of the jury of the BA Tango Festival and Championship 2023, where he was honored for his career with a special mention awarded by the Buenos Aires City Legislature. Hernán Alvarez Prieto’s journey as a dancer, teacher, and DJ reflects his deep commitment and contribution to the world of tango, establishing himself as a respected and admired figure within the tango community, both nationally and internationally.

Flavia discovered her passion for dance in São Paulo, where she was introduced to different styles from a young age. However, it was during her teenage years that she discovered tango, and her true passion took root. Fascinated by the emotional expression and deep connection of tango, she continued her journey to Buenos Aires, where she lived and danced for several years, exploring traditional milongas and dance clubs in the Argentine capital. Flavia trained in Tango with Geraldine Rojas, Moira Castellano, Manuela Rossi, among others. She also participated in tango companies in Europe such as Tango ART and Romeo & Juliette. After enriching her experience in South America and Europe.

Today, united by their shared love for tango, they are preparing to embark on a tour through Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, aspiring to transmit not only the steps and techniques of tango but also the spirit and soul of this emblematic dance!