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The perfect heel height for you !

What is the perfect heel height of a tango shoe?

The height of the heels is a very sensitive issue and it can depend on many things including height, body structure, experience, flexibility of the feet, condition of joints and … . but this is just theory….

Because the answer is simple, exactly the height of the shoe on which you feel comfortable  and stable.

Tango shoes have heels and you have to use them, because the heel has a roll in the dance.

The woman steps backwards (forward), the last kick-off is done with a pressure on the heel, so the higher the heel, the easier this tangent is reached, provided that the stability is already there.  If you wobble on your shoe with a high heel, you can immediately forget about the kick-off. And  yes , high heels are visually speaking sexier and perhaps more elegant, but the most important thing is that you dance well, forgetting your shoes/heels with which you dance.

You can choose your Madame Pivot heels among four different heights, from the lowest one measuring 70 mm to the highest of 105 mm, through two intermediate heights of 80 and 85 mm.

The heel is measured at its maximum height, from where the foot sits at the back of the shoe down to the floor.

Beginners who do not have the habit of wearing high heels in daily life, start best with a heel of 7 -8 cm until they have gained more balance and  stability.  

Some advanced dancers perform better on an 8.5 cm heel and is actually the best for the ultimate valorisation of a tango movement. (see kick-off)

A 10.5 cm height becomes more difficult and is not worn as much. -personally I find a quick milonga dancing with a heel height of 10.5 cm what it’s a bit bizarre and anachronical, because it’s hard to feel grounded-

And this largely limits the dance time  and the freedom to be an all round dancer!

So come to the showroom of Detangosetrata, try some shoes  in different heights and choose in confidence the height in which / on which you feel good.

Un abrazo,

Sandrina Dh

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