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Mondays! Tango class & Milonga La Plata !!!

Dublin (Tangobar el Lunes) Rue de Dublin 13,, Ixelles

MILONGA LA PLATA  20:30 / 23:45 h Don't hesitate, come, dance and train with us and enjoy all the beauties of tango with our Milonga.  The one and only real milonga in Brussels on Monday night with the best tdj’s of the  ‘barrio”.   Wooden floor and permanent ventilation!   after the weekly TANGO CLASSES  STARTERS 18:00 / 19:00  The tango intrigues you, you have a passion for it, you would like to try it yourself: why not give it a try? It's never too late to get started!  Tango is one of the  few  dances that is […]

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