What’s size or form of my tangoshoes will suit me ?

Here you can find the size chart of your Madame Pivot tango shoes with foot length and circumference by size.

*measured around the foot in its widest point

Half sizes

Half sizes are not available. We believe that the different choices of shapes are enough to cater all kinds of feet.

Standard shape S (formerly marked as 13)

It is the most common shape, with a comfortable sole fitting most foot types, particularly an egyptian-shaped foot, where the big toe is longer than the others.

Narrow shape N (formerly marked as 11)

The shoe sole is narrow and with a triangular shape and fits slim and thin feet. Particularly suitable to a greek-shaped foot, where the second toe is longer than the others. Same length as the standard shape, but with reduced volume.

Wide shape W (formerly marked as 15)

Suitable to particularly wide and square-shaped feet. The upper is mounted on the same sole as the standard but around a bigger last**, increasing the shoe volume.

Flat shape F

Recommended to those who have slim feet with a low bridge height, but not particularly narrow in width and with a rounded rather than a triangular shape. Although the shape of the sole is the same as the standard, shoes have a reduced volume in the upper for a snugger fit.

If you still have doubts about the correct shape of your foot, send us a photo of your foot. 

We are happy to help you!