Workshop Flavia Morari & Hernan Alvarez

Our workshop with Hernan Alvarez and Flavia Morari and Gran Milonga event is happening this Saturday, May 18th, at De Markten, Brussels!
Join us for an enriching workshop exploring the theme “Vals in Argentine Tango,” led by the talented Flavia and Hernan. Experience the captivating rhythm and circular figures of vals while enhancing your dance skills.

Workshop Details:
Date: Saturday, May 18th
Time: Workshop starts at 14:00, Milonga begins at 16:00
Location: De Markten, Oude Graanmarkt 5, 1000 Brussels
RSVP: Reserve your spot by emailing or whatsApp +32(0)473503405
We kick off the milonga with our well-known DJ, José “El Chinito.” Additionally, at 19:00 pm, you can enjoy a special demonstration by Flavia and Hernan, followed by DJ Greg Demerville keeping the dance floor alive with vibrant music!
We look forward to dancing with you this Saturday!

Participation fees:
28 € Workshop participation or member card
12 € Milonga entrance
38 € Workshop + Milonga participation + free drink (early birds)

Intensive workshop with Flavia Morari & Hernan Alvarez before the Gran Milonga Rio de la Plata !

Join us for an exciting workshop with Flavia Morari and Hernan Alvarez:
Tango for passionate milongueros.

In this workshop, we will explore essential Tango techniques to elevate your dance:

Fundamental techniques for a smoother and more enjoyable dance experience.
Focus on relaxation, breathing, and a comfortable embrace.
Navigate and dance gracefully in limited spaces on the dance floor: mastering couple dynamics and spatial awareness. 

Intensive workshops before the Gran Milonga Rio de la Plata !

 20/04 : WS : 14:00>16:00 hrs

  • Workshop €28 or member card of €120 for 5 workshops

  • Day pass Saturday €38 : milonga + workshop

  • Milonga €12 

Where?C.C. DeMarkten, Oude Graanmarkt 5, 1000 Brussels (place st Catherine), first floor ”spiegelzaal”

Inscriptions : or WhatsApp Sandrina Dh +32(0)473/ 503405

Registrations preferably with a partner, or if you’re attending alone, please mention whether you’ll be dancing as a leader or follower. We will strive to create a balanced and harmonious group.

We advise you to secure your place by making the payment through the following account: Bailongo vzw IBAN BE 87 7330 5872 0594

Details: Participation 20/04 with your name(s). Alternatively, you can pay on the spot. Please have the cash ready before the beginning of the workshop.
Please honour your commitment! Note that we accept cancellations only via email, up to 4 hours before the workshop.

Registration opens 15 minutes before the workshop, so please arrive on time.

and then we will all dance at the GRAN MILONGA del RIO de la PLATA from 16:00 till 22:30 h !!!
Tdj’s of the night Carolina la Limena + Hernan Alvarez !!!!!


Who are they? Flavia Morari and Hernán Alvarez Prieto!
Their itinerary from popular dance to professional Tango dancers.

South America united them: Flavia, from São Paulo, Brazil, and Hernán, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, were born in places where the culture of popular dance permeates the streets, the air, and the city atmosphere. Their paths crossed, leading them to this great connection reflected in their way of dancing and teaching tango. Hernán Alvarez Prieto, a passionate milonguero and DJ, has made a significant mark in the world of tango. He began his career in 1996, inspired by past masters such as Gerardo Portalea, Puppy Castello, and the Turco José Brahemcha. He distinguished himself as a DJ in renowned milongas since 1999, including iconic venues like Confitería Ideal, La Milonguita, Salón Canning, El Beso, among others. Over the years, Hernán has continued his quest for improvement and learning, collaborating with famous milonguero maestros such as Jorge Dispari and María del Carmen, Carlos and Rosa Pérez, Eduardo Pareja, Raúl Bravo, Nito and Elba García, among others. His skill and passion for tango have led him to accompany renowned milongueras and participate in demonstrations with renowned figures such as Natalia Hills, Stella Missé, and Inés Muzzopappa. In addition to his remarkable work as a DJ and dancer, Hernán has left his mark on numerous international tango festivals in cities such as Seoul, Chicago, Brussels, Antwerp, and Buenos Aires, notably the Buenos Aires Tango Festival and Championship on several occasions. His experience and expertise led him to be part of the jury of the BA Tango Festival and Championship 2023, where he was honored for his career with a special mention awarded by the Buenos Aires City Legislature. Hernán Alvarez Prieto’s journey as a dancer, teacher, and DJ reflects his deep commitment and contribution to the world of tango, establishing himself as a respected and admired figure within the tango community, both nationally and internationally.

Flavia discovered her passion for dance in São Paulo, where she was introduced to different styles from a young age. However, it was during her teenage years that she discovered tango, and her true passion took root. Fascinated by the emotional expression and deep connection of tango, she continued her journey to Buenos Aires, where she lived and danced for several years, exploring traditional milongas and dance clubs in the Argentine capital. Flavia trained in Tango with Geraldine Rojas, Moira Castellano, Manuela Rossi, among others. She also participated in tango companies in Europe such as Tango ART and Romeo & Juliette. After enriching her experience in South America and Europe.

Today, united by their shared love for tango, they are preparing to embark on a tour through Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, aspiring to transmit not only the steps and techniques of tango but also the spirit and soul of this emblematic dance!


Why Milonga del Rio de la Plata ?

Rio de la Plata is an estuary* in the south Atlantic that runs from the city of La Plata ((Argentina) to the city of Punta del Este (Uruguay); with a distance of 230 km. This estuary is maintained by the mouth of the Parana River and the Uruguay River. Three ports face commercial activities from the north of the city of Rosario with a river port on the banks of the Parana. At the mouth of this river,  is the port of Buenos Aires, and further south in contact with the Atlantic is the deepest port of the silver river in Montevideo.

The etymology of the word “tango” is and has been a source of controversy. 

What is true is that the word tango was used to refer to the “meeting places” used both in Africa, and in colonial America, like other words such as “canyengue”, “milonga” do have also their African origins. As far back as 1790 in the Buenos Aires lobby,the word”tango” was used to refer to the dance meetings of African slaves. In Montevideo it was used with a similar meaning since the dawn of 1800.

It should be added that Cuban ships stayed in these ports for several months to load salted meat, where they expressed their musical expressions as the habanera.

It is not a coincidence that in these two  ports slaves were  welcomed and byteriormente of the great European immigration between 1880 and 1920 (about 6 million men). 

As a result of this immigration and its cultural amalgamation the tango was born, first in Buenos Aires, and at the same time a little bit later in Montevideo and Rosario. 

Before 1880 the ratio of population between Montevideo was 2 for Buenos Aires and 1 for Montevideo, i.e. almost two million in BA and almost  1million in MTV.

Today that ratio is 15 million for the great Buenos Aires and 1.5 million for Montevideo.

This difference changed the importance of cultural and economic power. However, 5000 km south of the Argentine capital, inland, tango was not known, because it was a cultural phenomenon that is gestured and developed on the shores of the Rio de la Plata. 

We find it fairer to talk about Tango in this way including all its protagonists and not restrict it to a country.

It is in that sense we call our brussels milonga “Milonga del Rio de la ‘Plata”

* the wide part of a river at the place where it joins the sea: 

Written by Hugo godoy

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The workshops of DeTangosetrata are located in Brussels, in the heart of Belgium.

It is there, that all ideas are collected and projects hang form. 

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Also the men collection of El Garzon. 

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