Monday night with Tango classes!

Tango Classes:

🎓 Tango Classes Every Monday at Tangobar El Lunes!

Embark on a tango journey with our weekly classes guided by passionate and experienced instructors, Sandrina Dh and Daniele Galiazzo.

  • Beginners Class (18:00-19:10): Perfect for those intrigued by tango and eager to take their first steps into this beautiful dance form.
  • Intermediate & Advanced Class (19:20-20:30): Ideal for dancers seeking to perfect their movements, embellishments, and learn new sequences to enhance their dance.

Important: Always arrive 10 minutes in advance for registration.


  • Single lesson: €15
  • 10 lessons (membership card*): €125 (valid for 3 months), with a €10 discount on your next pass purchase (must be prior to the expiration of your current pass).

Feel free to share this invitation with anyone interested in the authentic tango experience, Tango Rioplatense! See you in class on Monday night!

***Join us at Tango Bar El Lunes, located at Dublin 13, 1050 Bruxelles.For more information, please contact us at or

WhatsApp Sandrina +32 473 503405


We look forward to seeing you at our Monday night milonga and tango classes!


🎶 Monday Night Milonga at Tangobar El Lunes!

🎶 Monday Night Milonga at Tangobar El Lunes!

Dance the night away at the only authentic milonga in Brussels, featuring the best TDJs from the ‘barrio.’

When: Every Monday from 20:30 to 23:55

Entrance Fee: €7

Special Offer: Dedicated dancers can purchase a member card for just €50, granting access to 10 milongas on Mondays. A fantastic way to enjoy more dancing while saving on the entrance fee.

Join us at Tango Bar El Lunes, located at Dublin 13, 1050 Bruxelles. For more information, contact us at

We look forward to welcoming you to our Monday night milonga and tango classes!

WhatsApp Sandrina +32 473 503405

Mariano Galeano Y Paula Rubin – 3-10-17-24-31 oct – Tangobar El Lunes

Mariano Galeano Y Paula Rubin – 3-10-17-24-31 oct – Tangobar El Lunes

Mariano Galeano Y Paula Rubin – 3-10-17-24-31 oct – Tangobar El Lunes


Why Milonga del Rio de la Plata ?

Rio de la Plata is an estuary* in the south Atlantic that runs from the city of La Plata ((Argentina) to the city of Punta del Este (Uruguay); with a distance of 230 km. This estuary is maintained by the mouth of the Parana River and the Uruguay River. Three ports face commercial activities from the north of the city of Rosario with a river port on the banks of the Parana. At the mouth of this river,  is the port of Buenos Aires, and further south in contact with the Atlantic is the deepest port of the silver river in Montevideo.

The etymology of the word “tango” is and has been a source of controversy. 

What is true is that the word tango was used to refer to the “meeting places” used both in Africa, and in colonial America, like other words such as “canyengue”, “milonga” do have also their African origins. As far back as 1790 in the Buenos Aires lobby,the word”tango” was used to refer to the dance meetings of African slaves. In Montevideo it was used with a similar meaning since the dawn of 1800.

It should be added that Cuban ships stayed in these ports for several months to load salted meat, where they expressed their musical expressions as the habanera.

It is not a coincidence that in these two  ports slaves were  welcomed and byteriormente of the great European immigration between 1880 and 1920 (about 6 million men). 

As a result of this immigration and its cultural amalgamation the tango was born, first in Buenos Aires, and at the same time a little bit later in Montevideo and Rosario. 

Before 1880 the ratio of population between Montevideo was 2 for Buenos Aires and 1 for Montevideo, i.e. almost two million in BA and almost  1million in MTV.

Today that ratio is 15 million for the great Buenos Aires and 1.5 million for Montevideo.

This difference changed the importance of cultural and economic power. However, 5000 km south of the Argentine capital, inland, tango was not known, because it was a cultural phenomenon that is gestured and developed on the shores of the Rio de la Plata. 

We find it fairer to talk about Tango in this way including all its protagonists and not restrict it to a country.

It is in that sense we call our brussels milonga “Milonga del Rio de la ‘Plata”

* the wide part of a river at the place where it joins the sea: 

Written by Hugo godoy

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Garzonne /El Garzon produced by DeTangosetrata are the house labels designed by Sandrina Dh. 

The workshops of DeTangosetrata are located in Brussels, in the heart of Belgium.

It is there, that all ideas are collected and projects hang form. 

DeTangosetrata carefully studies and designs each garment using only Italian high quality materials. 

The policy is based on local and fair production, in fact each piece is accurately created by local craftsmen.

Also the men collection of El Garzon. 

Each clothes is available in 3 different colors of which only 5 pieces will be made, making each garment limited and exclusive. 

You will look unique at the dance floor with La Garzonne/El Garzon !